How to Script Location Information Service (LIS) database

Here’s a script that will quickly populate your LIS database.

Copy the below into a file and name it something.ps1 (i named mine lis.ps1)


##This script will allow you to populate your LIS database quickly based upon subnets. You will need to create a CSV file with the following in the first row of each column
##Subnet, description, location, company, number, street, streetsuffix, city, state, postalcode, country

##asks for a CSV file with the required information
param( [string] $importfile = $(Read-Host -prompt `
“Please enter a file name”))

$locations = Import-CSV $importfile

foreach ($location in $locations)

Set-CsLisSubnet -subnet $location.subnet -Description $location.description -location $location.location -CompanyName $ -HouseNumber $location.number -StreetName $location.street `
-StreetSuffix $location.streetsuffix -city $ -State $location.state -PostalCode $location.postalcode -Country $ -Verbose



Create a csv file with the required headers.  Example:


Add all relevant information that you need.  Example, my addresses do not need a street “housenumbersuffix”.  For a complete list of options please see

Save the file to a location.  Run lis.ps1 and it will ask you for the csv file.  Provide the command a location for where you saved the csv file and hit enter.  It will then loop through all the subnets you have in the CSV file and update them all.  Key word here is UPDATE.  Lets say you have an existing already in LIS, when you run set-cslissubnet, because you have a in your CSV file, it will overwrite the information already stored in LIS.


After running the script…don’t forget to run publish-cslisconfiguration.  If you don’t none of the new data will be merged with the CMS and thus replicated around.

Lync & Skype Federation – Step by Step

So you want to federate your Lync environment with Skype….how do you do it.

It’s actually pretty easy assuming your edge is stood up properly.  Lets get started.

Step 1:  Go register your Lync Access edge with  One important thing to note here is if you have two edge pools, you should register your Access Edge via  Why, well what if poolA’s edge goes down for whatever reason, all you have to do is update DNS to have to point to your second edge pool’s Access Edge.  Another take away from this is to ensure that the certificates you buy have a SAN entry for  Even though the link says it may take 30 days, for me it took less than 24hrs.

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Custom Lync Admin Roles

Out of the box, Lync comes pre-shipped with 11 admin roles.  They come in the form of Universal Security Groups and can be found in the Users container.

These groups are similar to the built-in groups that come with installing Active directory, that is, each group comes with a pre-defined set of abilities.  Simply add your account to these groups and you will get the cmdlets assigned to them.  If you don’t have access to ADUC you could run the following command which would give you a list of all the Admin Roles in your current environment.

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