Lync & Skype Federation – Step by Step

So you want to federate your Lync environment with Skype….how do you do it.

It’s actually pretty easy assuming your edge is stood up properly.  Lets get started.

Step 1:  Go register your Lync Access edge with  One important thing to note here is if you have two edge pools, you should register your Access Edge via  Why, well what if poolA’s edge goes down for whatever reason, all you have to do is update DNS to have to point to your second edge pool’s Access Edge.  Another take away from this is to ensure that the certificates you buy have a SAN entry for  Even though the link says it may take 30 days, for me it took less than 24hrs.

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Custom Lync Admin Roles

Out of the box, Lync comes pre-shipped with 11 admin roles.  They come in the form of Universal Security Groups and can be found in the Users container.

These groups are similar to the built-in groups that come with installing Active directory, that is, each group comes with a pre-defined set of abilities.  Simply add your account to these groups and you will get the cmdlets assigned to them.  If you don’t have access to ADUC you could run the following command which would give you a list of all the Admin Roles in your current environment.

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Lync Location Information Services / Client Request & Response

I am preparing for a meeting to outline what Lync can do for E911.  Being the visual learner, I wanted to show how the Lync client asks for Location Information Services and where the data is stored on each Lync Front End / Edge.

What is Lync Location Information Services (LIS) and where is it stored?  
Essentially LIS is a wire-map of your network that is stored in a database.  This database can be populated with things like subnets, Wi-FI AP’s, switches, and ports to name a few.  Why is this useful?  Well, you can configure your wiremap/LIS to say if a client has IP X, this mean they are in building X and then provide the Lync client this info that it can use when an end user dials 911.  Essential this data will be sent down your E911 sip trunk and based upon the Civic Address sent, your E911 provider will route to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).  Remember, if you are rolling out E911, you MUST have a dedicated E911 trunk….this blog section will not go into E911 but i may do one later. Continue reading