Lync Device Update Service in Multi-Pool Lync Environment

Lync Device Update Service is a way to manage Lync phones firmware through Lync (its really rather simple once you run through it one time).  This article will specifically address phones in a multipool environment.  Jeff Schertz does an outstanding job outlining how updating phones work in a single pool environment.

I originally thought once you uploaded the firmware into Lync, Lync would replicate the required files to all appropriate pools.  In my environment we have a total of 4 pools to which I control 2 of them (note the 2 pools I Administer are resilient).  To my surprise, I was pleased to find the import-csdeviceupdate only updated one of the paired pools.  So what does this mean?  It means I can control updating phones on my Lync Pools without having to work with the Admins of the other 2 pools.

In short, if you have multiple pools and each pool will have phones registered to it, you will need to import the update per pool, then approve the updates per pool.

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