Adjust Default Ring Time Common Area Phones

In the new building my company moved into there are no analog lines and as such, all our phone communications are all through Lync.  Due to some paper policies we are unable to create Active Directory User Accounts for every physical person in the building.  This included our Security Guard staff.

To get around this, we created Common Area Contacts for the Security Guard stations with hot desking.   There was one pretty major side effect of this, you are unable to adjust the ring time on Common Area phones from the phone.  It was asked that I configure the Security Guard phones to ring indefinitely until either a guard picked up or the caller ended the call.

This just isn’t possible.  It’s a software limitation of using Lync as your phone system.  By default the MAX seconds a call can ring before Lync takes some action (ends the call, sends to voice mail…..) is 60 seconds.  I informed mgmt of this and it was decided that 60 seconds would suffice.

So, how do you go about setting this up with Common Area Phones?  It’s not as easy as one would think.  You first need to create a trusted application for SEFAUTIL.exe

Once this is configured you then need to do the following:
From a Lync server open command prompt and CD to C:\program files\microsoft lync server 2013\reskit

add the above switches and just like that, the phones will now ring for 60 seconds before the call ends.

Knowing this helped me resolve a problem that is introduced with Polycom VVX software (and possible earlier releases as well).

2 thoughts on “Adjust Default Ring Time Common Area Phones

  1. Hi, I just wanted to increase the ringing time with your command, but I noticed 2 type-os.
    1: sefAutil.exe
    2: server:



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