Polycom VVX – Users Unable to Answer Calls

There’s a pretty major bug in the Polycom VVX firmware.  The bug manifests under a unique situation (has a pretty big impact on if your common area phones are VVX).

The situation is as such:

  • A user account is created or a common area contact is created
  • The user account or common area contact has never been logged into
  • The FIRST time the account is logged in is on a VVX phone running Polycom (possible other versions).

When this happens, essentially the VVX phone tells Lync to NEVER ring the phone before some action is taken.  I received reports from our users that they could make calls but never received calls.  So how do you fix this?
Well, you could delete the accounts but this would cause lots of other problems.  Example:  If this was a Lync user account, the user would lose all their scheduled meetings, contacts…..not good.  If you follow my blog you’ll notice the post right before this one on how to use the sefautil.exe command.  To fix this problem for common area phones, you MUST use the sefautil.exe command.  For Lync clients, you can click on Tools > Call Forwarding Settings >

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