Lync & Skype Federation – Step by Step

So you want to federate your Lync environment with Skype….how do you do it.

It’s actually pretty easy assuming your edge is stood up properly.  Lets get started.

Step 1:  Go register your Lync Access edge with  One important thing to note here is if you have two edge pools, you should register your Access Edge via  Why, well what if poolA’s edge goes down for whatever reason, all you have to do is update DNS to have to point to your second edge pool’s Access Edge.  Another take away from this is to ensure that the certificates you buy have a SAN entry for  Even though the link says it may take 30 days, for me it took less than 24hrs.

Step 2:  Configure your External Access Policy.  You can do this through the GUI (LCP > Federation and External Access > External Access Policy).  This policy can be controlled globally, site level, or user level.  I would recommend doing it at the site level first then if you need to, make user level policies.  The main policy here is “Enable communication with federated uses”.  You can get a view of all the other policies by using the Lync CHM file and searching for set-csexternalaccesspolicy.

Step 3:  Configure a new Skype Public Provider.  This is done by running the below command.

New-CsPublicProvider -Identity Skype -ProxyFqdn -IconUrl “” -VerificationLevel 2 -Enabled 1

Step 4:  Search for your Skype users.  To do that





Special Notes:

1.  The Skype account must be a Microsoft account or Linked to a Microsoft account. More details can be found

2.  The lync client needs to be configured to allow Skype users to initiate conversations with the Lync user.  This can be done manually on the Lync client or set through the client policy via the set-csclientpolicy cmmdlet.


As noted above, you MUST have a Microsoft account to use Skype with Lync.  So what if you have a Skype account already….

You need to create a Microsoft account and then merge your existing Skype account with your new Microsoft account.  Lets do it!


In this example I already have a Skype account of Joe.Skype5601

Step 1:  Create a Microsoft account In the below click on “Microsoft account sign-up”



In the below click on “Sign up now”



Enter appropriate information



Once done at the bottom of the above picture you’ll be able to to click on create account.  Once done you’ll be directed to the below page.  As you can see we now have a newly created Microsoft account.



Step 2:  Merge newly created Microsoft account with an existing Skype account.

Launch Skype.  Note that you need to have the latest version of Skype.  Ensure that your Skype software is equal to or greater than



Sign in with your Microsoft Account



Click on “I have a Skype Account”


Enter your existing Skype Account info


You’ll see that we are now about to merge the Skype account with the newly created Microsoft account





You’ll see that the accounts are now merged


Ok so now we have  a user on Skype, how do we talk with them?

Step 1:  Add the user to your Lync contacts



Add in the Microsoft account of the user



Once you hit OK in the above you’ll see in the below that appears offline.  This is because the user on Skype needs to acknowledge the request to talk



Step 2:  Skype user needs to accept the invite



Once the Skype user accepts presence is now seen on the Lync client


You can now call and IM the Skype user.


So how about doing it in reverse (Skype user wants to talk with lync user).  This can not be done.  The lync user must initiate the communication.






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