Lync UCWA App – E-mail Alert Based Upon Presence

My organization is completely Lync for phones (including security guards) and we recently hit a bug with Polycom VVX phones where once the 180 day certificate expired, VVX phones would not re-new their certificate.  When this happens the phones would become “Offline”.  Given that our security phones need to be online 24/7 this wasn’t good.  We engaged Microsoft and asked them “Hey, Lync is a presence based product, how can we alert when presence of KEY phones (such as our security guard phones) become offline?”

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Scheduling Reboots of VVX Phones

Recently we had a need to schedule some reboots for our Polycom phones.  The reboot was needed because our Lync Edge environment was going to be offline.  We have engaged Microsoft to help us understand why when the edge environment is offline, this has the potential to impact ALL kinds of Lync calls (P2P/PSTN….).  Once I have an answer to this i’ll post another blog.  Long story short Microsoft recommended we reboot phones to prevent a complete call outage while our Edge Pool’s were offline. Continue reading

Lync Point to Point Call Setup w/ Client Firewall On

As you know when you install the Lync 2013 client, a local Firewall rule gets created for the Lync.exe application to talk out and in on pretty much every port.  Well that’s all good if you work in an environment that doesn’t allow local Firewall rules.  In our environment, local firewall rules aren’t allowed….so how would 2 lync clients connect P2P given the windows 7 FW is a stateful firewall(thus the firewall must have an outgoing request to accept anything coming in). Continue reading