Scripting Lync Unassigned Number

In a previous article I outlined why should use the Lync Unassigned Number Feature.  If you haven’t read it please do so.  The problem I have is i have very few numbers that are contiguous for a few reasons but mostly because of how Phone Numbers are divided up among the telecom’s.  Essentially, telecom’s are no longer allowed to hoard phone numbers.  If they did, we could run into the IPV4 issue we’re hitting now with IP addresses (that is, imagine if a single telecom started hoarding all phone numbers, we could run out of phone numbers to issue and thus we may run into a need to add even MORE digits to phone numbers).  To help with this, when a telecom needs more phone numbers, they all retrieve phone numbers from a central pool (at least this is what our telecom provider told us when i asked why we could not get contiguous numbers).  Enough on that topic….long story short I’m left with ~6000 phone numbers…some are contiguous some are not.   Continue reading

Lync Unassigned Number Feature What is it and Why you should use it

If you’re like me, your organization has phone number that are not assigned to users…so how do you treat them?  Well you can use the Unassigned Number Feature to tell the caller some message such as “You have reached an unassigned number at “some company”……..” or you can send that call to UM.  My organization at first didn’t want to use this feature and for good reason.  Again if you’re like me, we get spammed with bots that are trolling numbers hoping to sell some product.  Our thought was well, if you don’t have anything answer the call, maybe the bots would magically stop calling us.  The thought was good but we hit some other issues.  Lets discuss the major one.

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Revoke Lync Client Certificates – Why should you do it AND what to watch out for

For those of you who do not know, about 99% of your logins to Lync are done via a certificate the Lync Front End provides you.  The reasons for why this is the default way is a topic for another blog post. Since I just told you that 99% of your logins to lync are certificate based, how does this impact a company for a user who just got abruptly fired and their AD account disabled?

The answer is, the users AD account being disabled does NOTHING to prevent a user from logging into lync should they already have a valid certificate.  Which leads me to my next question?

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