Revoke Lync Client Certificates – Why should you do it AND what to watch out for

For those of you who do not know, about 99% of your logins to Lync are done via a certificate the Lync Front End provides you.  The reasons for why this is the default way is a topic for another blog post. Since I just told you that 99% of your logins to lync are certificate based, how does this impact a company for a user who just got abruptly fired and their AD account disabled?

The answer is, the users AD account being disabled does NOTHING to prevent a user from logging into lync should they already have a valid certificate.  Which leads me to my next question?

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Extend Default VVX Phone Dial Timeout

A co-worker asked me to recall how to do this and it took me a little while to dig it up so figured i’d put it up on the blog so it’s easy to find.

VVX phones have a default timeout where when a user dials a number, the last digit the user hits, a VVX phone will wait 3 seconds to dial that number.  It’s a total pain as we tend to find that it may take users a few seconds to find the number only to find the VVX phone has already attempted to dial.

Example:  If a user dials 301 then looks up on their computer for the rest of the digits, the VVX phone will dial just ‘301’ 3 seconds after the ‘1’ digit is dialed.

So how do we fix?  Add the below to your phone configurations

Off Hook Dialing:

dialplan.1.lyncdigitmap.timeout=”x”where x would be a value larger than 3. The standard for this is 3 seconds.

ON hook dialing:

dialplan.userDial.timeOut=”x”where x would be a value larger than 3. The standard for this is 3 seconds.

Hope this helps someone else.